Sarah Nicole Humphrey

Sarah Nicole Humphrey Joins Thompson Reuters

Having worked personally with Sarah Nicole Humphrey for over five years I can personally vouch for her competency in risk assessment and project management. She has helped us grow as a result of of her experience and knowledge over the last few years. It’s with great sadness that she is moving on to new pastures; however at the same time I wish her all the best. We have been through a lot of ups and downs but the fact that still has energy and passion for her work says a lot about her.

Shes going to be joining a great team at Thompson Reuters I’ve had the pleasure of working with their senior vice president of marketing and advertising so she will not have to worry about fitting in.

During our time at the Risk Analysis Center we helped a diverse range of clients in various parts of the world with risk assessment including Shell BP, Entertainment One in Toronto and many other blue chips. Now Sarah can help TR I’m sure with their risk analysis and business analysis.

Sarah Humphrey said to me when the company was still only four people “I will help you grow this business exponentially in the next two years.” I can safely say she has done.

I have been her mentor having set up and grown over five large tech companies over my 25 years of experience and it has been a pleasure to mentor a young business woman with such potential.

The Risk Analysis Center has enabled me to gain both not just financial success but people success skills – as in enabling and enacting upon someone’s sole talent. This post is emotional for me because Sarah helped us grow into what we are today. So with a tearful eye I say – all the best Sarah.

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